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Archives for July 2020

Don’t Let You Stop You From Happiness

A meme popped up on my timeline recently that said, “I’m fixing me because sometimes I’m the problem”. It got me thinking about the importance of building your own happiness. Sometimes in building your own happiness you really have to look into yourself for healing. There are times when happiness ... READ the POST

Keto Rundown

I’ve tried a ton of different diets, A TON. So many different “lifestyle changes”.  My favorite by far though has been keto. I talked about my first run with keto here but I have started keto again with a different outlook. I’m really trying to view it as a long term lifestyle commitment and not a ... READ the POST

Doctor Who Companions: Fav to Least Fav

I’m a Whovian but I have a confession. I tried watching Doctor Who long before i actually learned to love it and that first episode (of the new series) with #9 and the mannequins... 😑😑😑 I was like, I’m not watching this trash. Then my friend, Emily, said I HAD to give a real try and just push ... READ the POST

The Musicals that Made Me

I grew up on musicals. My mom loves them and so we always watched them together.  I remember performing the songs in the kitchen with her and her singing songs to us as lullabies at night. We had very specific favorites we watched all time. Check out these favs and tell me if any of them were ... READ the POST