April 25, 2017

About Me

I have written like a ton of content for this blog and this is by far the hardest page to write.  What would capture your attention to know about me?

I am a mompreneur and all around girl boss, mainly because I don’t like people telling me what to do and I love being a full-time creative! I am forever unable to escape my many ideas and dreams and now I get to turn those dreams into the very best job I have ever had.  I’m mom to a nine year old dreamer, full-time portrait photographer, and travel bug-bitten adventurer!

I have written blogs before but nothing has reflected me and spoken to me the way Bonjour Blackbird does and I am so excited to have you here!  This blog shares my adventures and my successes (and even my failures) in hopes that I can inspire and help future dreamers and wanderlusters.  This place is still a journey.  It’s all an ongoing, never-ending trip into who I am becoming.


Are you in the right place??

You are in the right place if:

  • You are looking for inspiration for following your dreams!
  • If you’re looking to gain resources into entrepreneurship, photography, and blogging.
  • You need some camaraderie in this world of entrepreneurship.
  • If the travel bug has bitten you and you want to immerse yourself in adventures and reviews from around the world.
  • You’re a mom juggling it all and you just need to know there is someone who understands.

I’d like to share this adventure with you.  I am full-time portrait photographer and blogger and I consider myself a beginner traveler (which is crazy being that I had the opportunity to travel free for the first half of my life).  As the wild spirit that I am, I would love to share with all of you my resources that I gain in learning how to make travel more accessible.  As a portrait artist, I want to share my photography tips and tricks.  As a mom to a little girl who is full of life, I want to share our discoveries and journeys in growing and learning and becoming.

If you are still reading this then you might as well stick around, read up on some posts and become a part of the family!!