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What I Wish I knew before Covid

We walk through everyday used to everything around us, sometimes even taking it all for granted. We get so stuck in our routines we don’t even realize it.  When Covid came along it changed the norm of every single thing and there are just some things I wish I knew before it hit. 1. I wish I knew ... READ the POST

5 Goals for the 2nd Half of 2020

We are already in the second half of this insane year.  Covid really put a damper on so many plans and goals. I planned to travel a lot more this year and have so many new experiences.  A sense of normalcy is still pending but now that we’ve learned to navigate our new everyday, it is really time to ... READ the POST

Scripture Sunday: Jeremiah 29:11

Every other Sunday I share a scripture that speaks a word. Whether it is something going on with me, something going on in the world, or something that gives inspiration to all of you.  The last scripture I shared was Corinthians 4:16. This week’s scripture is about purpose. “For I know the plans I ... READ the POST

Off My Shelf: July’s Reads

I love to read but I literally never get to do it or I guess I should say I never make time for it.  When I do get time it's typically before I fall asleep and the reading just helps me to fall asleep, so needless to say, I never get into the book.  Listening to audiobooks if they are self help or ... READ the POST

Make it a Disney Day!

I know the parks are starting to reopen but for a lot of us being able to be at the parks right now is sadly unrealistic. So I always try to find ways to add a little bit of Disney magic to my day.  Here are some of my favorite ways to make my day magical! 1. Watch a favorite Disney film! Nothing ... READ the POST

Keto Saga and The Keys to Accountability

I don't have the best relationship with food.  I have spoken about  my struggle with my weight previously. You see the thing is... I love food. I love trying new foods. I like going out to restaurants. I have a culinary arts degree and food is just my great love! ...and that would be ... READ the POST