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Return to Sebago Lake

Whew. Covid-19 has taken its toll.  It has changed so many things in such a short amount of time. Slowly but surely cabin fever has started to set in so with the arrival of the long weekend, it was time for some much needed R&R inside of our home cage, lol. So to escape we headed up to ... READ the POST

Movie Monday: A Goofy Movie

I love movies. Not only Disney movies but just movies in general.  Much like books and music, movies allow us a moment of escape. Some time to live in make believe worlds and have new experiences.  My favorite genres in no particular order are sci- fi or any fantasy based story, supernatural ... READ the POST

Nikki Monet and The Quest for Body Positivity

Body Positivity. Body Positivity. Body Positivity. I have been looking forward to writing this post.  That may sound weird but it is just something that I needed to get out my head and share. I have struggled a lot with body image over the years.  I've always had a battle with my weight, gaining ... READ the POST

Scripture Sunday – 2 Corinthians 4:16

Every other Sunday is Scripture Sunday! We take a tiny little break outside of the fantasy world to get more insight into our own world through God's eyes.  I like to share a scripture that sort of speaks to things that are going on with me or that are going on in society.  Words that can motivate ... READ the POST

Of course it’s Disney!

I took a picture in this Mickey mask to tell a story. My daughter's Disney blog was supposed to launch first.  Being the Disney girl that I am, I do my very best to pass all my Disneyness down to my offspring.  You know, the responsible thing to do. We had a whole trip to the parks planned and ... READ the POST

A New Beginning

I am not going to lie.  I have restarted over and over again.  The only thing that makes this time different is that I am in a different space in my life that involves a lot of deep soul searching and growth.  While that is hard work, it also includes reaching back into who I was as a child and ... READ the POST