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Weight, Let’s Talk about This: Getting Healthy

Since my teens, I have had a back and forth battle with my weight. I lose, I gain. I gain, I lose. It's always been my story. I'm also short. Short stature, short torso, short arms and legs.  I guess I'd be a liar if I wasn't honest enough with you to say that there are days that it shakes my ... READ the POST

Mom Bossing while living with ADHD

Entrepreneurs are like a crapload of people in one.  They are the talent, the financiers, the marketers.  They have to be creative and business-minded and have their foot in every part of the business.  Now imagine being every one of those people with the questions, thoughts, details and overall ... READ the POST

Things to do before 9am for a successful day

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to take an intensive course with Heidi Hope of Heidi Hope Photography and besides all of the wonderful photography related information, I was given, I was also given a lot of wonderful advice.  One bit of advice that was given was from a book by ---- called ... READ the POST

Fav Swimsuits from Black Designers

While checking out swimsuits this season, I came across so many favorites.  I love getting the chance to support and recommend fellow black owned businesses and so I have chosen some of my favorites that I found in my online shopping endeavors. I am really into the off the shoulder/bardot ... READ the POST

Starting a Blog: An Empathy Post

I started a blog.  Actually I started my fifth blog.  I have been giving this blogging thing a go many times throughout out the years.  My second blog was mildly successful but it was never on topic of the things that I wanted to blog about and always ended up being about what I thought people ... READ the POST