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Don’t Let You Stop You From Happiness

A meme popped up on my timeline recently that said, “I’m fixing me because sometimes I’m the problem”. It got me thinking about the importance of building your own happiness. Sometimes in building your own happiness you really have to look into yourself for healing.

There are times when happiness seems external. It seems like lifestyles, or certain situations, or specific people are the key to finding happiness. The truth is, happiness really can’t rely on outside forces. Outside forces are too easily changeable but finding internal happiness can’t be as easily stripped away.

The reason the meme resonated with me on this topic is because sometimes we cause our own misery by not fixing the things in us that are toxic. This leads to us not only hurting others around us but many times hurting our own selves.  Our own toxicity can cause us to continually put ourselves in situation that cause unhappiness. Our internal contentment is our own priority and therefore fixing these behaviors gives us the ability to move forward healthily. This leaves room for happiness and more importantly joy.

This is kind of a random post but I saw that meme and I just wanted to share with my readers as a reminder to us all. Be the healthiest you that you can be. Look into yourself and find the issues that start with you and heal. Once you achieve that internal chunk of happy, you can find the person/place/thing that ADDS TO that and be filled with joy.