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Keto Rundown

I’ve tried a ton of different diets, A TON. So many different “lifestyle changes”.  My favorite by far though has been keto. I talked about my first run with keto here but I have started keto again with a different outlook. I’m really trying to view it as a long term lifestyle commitment and not a quick fix.

For those who don’t know, keto is a very low-carb way of eating in which your body goes into ketosis. This allows your body to stop using sugar as fuel and burn fat instead.

There are some very specific things that makes keto my favorite way to lose weight and get healthy. I love that I start seeing results quickly. My attention span Is super short so if I don’t see changes I tend to lose focus. I also love that the changes aren’t just scale victories. The inflammation begins going down quickly and I feel so much less puffy. I also tend to get a lot more energy once I really get into it. Acid reflux is a big problem for me and that starts to lessen as well.  I also love the wide range of things I can eat. It’s always quite a bit of food and I’m never starving.

Some of my least favorite things besides not eating carbs like pasta, breast, and rice is giving up fruit! I usually miss fruit the most. I can eat berries and star fruit is also very low in carbs but I miss grapes, my absolute favorite. Ordering coffee is rough too when places don’t have sugar free syrups which isn’t really a problem during covid when I’m not buying it. Other than that I don’t really have cons.

On my first round of keto I found snacking tough because you can’t eat fruit or typical snacks. Now that keto is popular you can find and order all kinds of keto snacks but without those, these are my favorite things to snack on.  Cheese sticks, cucumbers, salami, Atkins bars, pickles, olives, and certain sugar free candies. Not all sugar free candies. I repeat NOT ALL SUGAR FREE CANDIES. To find out why and laugh a lot, read these reviews. You won’t be disappointed.

I would love to share my newest keto journey with you all. Would you like to learn more about keto and  follow my journey too?