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What I Wish I knew before Covid

We walk through everyday used to everything around us, sometimes even taking it all for granted. We get so stuck in our routines we don’t even realize it.  When Covid came along it changed the norm of every single thing and there are just some things I wish I knew before it hit.

1. I wish I knew how much I liked hugs.

Every time I get to see one of my family members or friends (socially distanced, of course) I just wish I could hug them.  I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t so I wanna or if it’s just the idea of human contact but man, I wish I could give my besties a big hug!

2. I wish I knew how to better control my anxiety.

In the beginning, I had a lot of anxiety over the virus. Don’t get me wrong, I still have tons but I had to slow down and pray and learn to manage the stress that came along with the fear. Having so many immunocompromised family members makes this virus a very frightening thing and I had to learn how to turn to God and cast my cares on Him.

3. I wish I knew how important Zoom would become so I could buy stock, lol!

This is a silly one but am I right?? Geez. We Zoom for everything now! I’ve been to business meetings, birthday parties and baby showers all via Zoom now. What a crazy time to be alive.

4. I wish I knew that my goals were about to be thrown off.

Don’t we all?!  I had just started to get a grip on a lot of things in my life and get excited about it’s direction and *screeching halt*

5. I wish I knew it didn’t matter that my goals were thrown off.

It allowed me time to refocus and actually change things for the better.  I had spent too much time worrying about all the things on pause.  When I refocused and rerouted, I got to spend time with myself and therefore be more authentic in my approach.  That authenticity actually helped me to grow and engage in a much more real way.

6. I wish I knew how beautiful people can be in chaos and tragedy.

Don’t get me wrong, Covid has definitely brought out the worst in some people. The sheer insanity I see is frustrating. But it has also brought out some of the best in us as we were all stuck in our homes trying to find ways to still be together. Some of the creativity and wonderful acts of kindness were amazing to see.  One of my faves was watching Some Good News on YouTube. It just goes to show that somewhere in there, humanity really has the capacity for good.

What was the hardest thing about Covid for you?  How have you been able to over come it? Is there something you wish you had known before it hit?