Come along on a magical journey

A New Beginning

I am not going to lie.  I have restarted over and over again.  The only thing that makes this time different is that I am in a different space in my life that involves a lot of deep soul searching and growth.  While that is hard work, it also includes reaching back into who I was as a child and bringing out that inner magic!!

nikki monet childhood

I’m Nikki and I am a creative which sometimes means everything and sometimes means nothing.  I’m working on bringing out my creativity in many different ways that I have ignored before out of fear.  I hope that through reading this blog and hanging out with me you can reach into your inner child and find all of the magic too!

This blog will be filled with lifestyle stuff but more importantly, everything fun and fancy free. These are the things I love that you can expect to see lots of:

nikki monet magic




  • Disney!! I am a full fledged Disney nerd (I even have a nerdy magical Disney etc. IG @nikki.enchanted)
  • Other fandoms. (e.g. Harry Potter, Doctor Who)
  • Musicals and performance. I always wanted to be an actress so y’all are gonna have to watch me live out that dream in my home for your viewing pleasure.
  • Art. I am so not an artist but I give it a try here and there.
  • Home Design. I’m gonna be slowly sprucing up little areas in my house so you can check that out!
  • Jesus. I’m a Christian girl so I’ll be sharing  my journey into relationship.
  • Food and my journey into health and wellness
  • Being a mom. I have a little tween girl (who has a blog of her own so you’ll be privy to all our adventures! (…and trials and tribulations)







All those things and anything else my wandering creative mind can come up with.  This is a place for joy and insight and all the colorfulness of life that I can share and I love having people to share this journey with!

So in the words of Walt Disney,

“To all who come to this happy place, welcome!”

nikki monet magic