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Movie Monday: A Goofy Movie

Goofy movie

I love movies.

Not only Disney movies but just movies in general.  Much like books and music, movies allow us a moment of escape. Some time to live in make believe worlds and have new experiences.  My favorite genres in no particular order are sci- fi or any fantasy based story, supernatural thrillers, and romantic comedies.  I always thought I would work in the movie business, acting directing, and just being part of bringing amazing stories to the masses.

In honor of that, I have started Movie Mondays where we discuss some of my favorite movies, some popular movies, and movies that you guys have shared with me!

It only seemed right to kick on Movie Mondays with a Disney movie so this week’s movie is

A Goofy Movie

Goofy Movie

This is one of my very favorite Disney movies even though it is never counted amongst the classics. Here are some of my favorite things about A Goofy Movie.


1. I2I

Love this soundtrack so incredibly much. Don’t we all? Powerline. Come on. Tevin Campbell put his WHOLE foot in that one. Every single one of those songs still hits.

All I need is half a chance, on second thought, a second glance to prove I got whatever it takes.

It’s a piece of cake.

…and in true Disney fashion, not just the Tevin Campbell songs are great! The whole soundtrack is wonderful.  I love the line in Nobody Else But You

Though he seems intoxicated, he’s just highly animated.

Lol. Such a perfect description of Goofy.  Honestly, this movie has some of the best Disney songs (complete with a car top dancing zombie man) and I feel they’re highly underrated.


The relationship between father and son is the major theme behind this movie and it is very true of teenage/parent relationships.  That point in life where your parent is embarrassing to you and you’re coming into your own or as a parent that point where your child is starting to pull away and you’re just trying to hold on.  Yet in all of that there is still a deep love and connection that still remains. Disney does a good job at capturing this pivotal time of life.  I love it when Goofy and Max finally start to talk and get some understanding and see that the distance between them isn’t as big as they thought.


Nothing deep here. I just thing that raggedy ol’ park is hilarious. Between the little girl with no teeth yelling the song and “beat it, doofus”, this park scene is hilarious. Also, don’t lie, the Possum Posse Jamboree is awesome, lol! I am not ashamed to say I sing that song pretty regularly.  I am going to need the Possum Park to makes it’s debut at WDW or at least, can we get A Goofy Movie ride, Disney??


What is your favorite part of A Goofy movie? Have you even seen it?  If not, head on over to Disney+ and check it out!