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3 Notebooks for the Swamped Creative

I don’t know about you guys but as a creative, I am always overwhelmed by how much I have going on and how many thoughts are running through my head.  It always helps me to be able to to organize those thoughts/tasks and release them to help with focus and relaxation.

In finding a way to do that I found a purpose for my notebook obsession as well!  I love notebooks.  Anytime I see a cute notebook, I have to but it with no real plan of what it will ever be used for.  Organizing my plans, thought, and ideas into these notebooks has helped a ton both creatively and organizationally.


The Notes Notebook

This is the notebook I like to call “my brain”.  This is where I do all of my brain dumps.  If I have a new idea, I write it down.  If I need to make a list of anything, it goes in here.  Sometimes I need a complete free write and this is the place.  There’s no organization to it or right way to do it.  The Notes Notebook just takes all of those thoughts out of your head and saves them in a place for you to come back to later.


The Journal

This is a place for more organized thought.  Jot down what has happened in your day, how you’re feeling in the moment, keep track of your memories.  The Journal is a daily/weekly log og the goings on of your life, where you can come back to and see where you once were and how far you’ve come. Journaling is a wonderful way to keep a log of your life.


The Sketchbook

I am totally not the best drawer in the world but you definitely don’t have to be!  You can sketch and doodle and just explore yourself artistically.  It’s a great way to decompress and let your mind relax.  Sometimes we just need a time to be free of out thoughts and let our creative minds take over.  Sketching and scribbling and coloring just gives me some quiet  escape time and can really help to inspire me before my next project.

sketchbook for creative

Bonus Notebook: The Prayer Journal

For those of you who are spiritual, The Prayer Journal can be the most important in your notebook arsenal.  I know for me sometimes it’s hard to focus in prayer being inundated by my many thoughts.  My prayer journal helps me focus through writing.  It’s my time to communicate my thanks and my worries and my needs for my family, my friends, and myself.  Once done writing in my prayer journal and casting my cares, I feel free and confident to take on my day.


Notebooks are more than pretty little pages.  They are a blank space for you to fill up with you!  Getting everything out of your head and having some quiet time can help the creative mind to be open to developing magnificent new ideas and projects and I encourage you to indulge yourself in this wonderful practice.


notebooks for creative