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A Routine for Working at Home

I’ll admit to you guys, I am definitely the kind of person who needs a hardcore routine for working at home. There have been so many changes due to Covid and I will now be working from home full-time again, and this time I want to be sure to have a really solid schedule to help me stay on track. So I head over to Instagram and Pinterest to find some good tips. Here are some of the best tips that I found.

GhenetActually says, stick to a time frame.

Have a set work time just like you were going into an office. You don’t have to work the straight 9-5p. You can even break your work times into blocks but know that a certain period time has been scheduled as work time. Don’t just work as you feel like it because having the discipline to work is so much harder when you’re not in a separate space.

Sugar Studios Design says start work early.

This is important whether you live alone or with others but there is something about being up before everyone that makes getting things done easier and quicker. Get up, shower, get dressed, have your coffee and/or breakfast and start your day.  When you get right to work in the morning it sets a better pace for the rest of your day.

MamaAlyssa says set a bed time.

a good night’s sleep is so important for productivity. In fact have a good night time routine where you set everything up for the next day is ideal. That way you are not try8 g to figure out your day while you are in it. You already know what needs to get done and you are well rested.

MaybeAfterBrunch says work in one room.

Leave your bedroom and your place of rest and find a new environment to work out of. Whether it’s a setup at your desk, a dining room table, or even sitting outdoors. Have a good distraction free space that is meant to get work done.

HonestlyNat says leave time for transitions.

Set a moment in between projects to take a short break. Grab a snack or relax for a little bit. Just pause and take a breather. Short breaks help with both motivation and productivity.


What is your routine for working at home? Any good tips you can share?