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8 Things I Do to Cheer Up After a Hard Day

I have had quite a few tough days lately and the state of the world doesn’t help. I’m a pretty positive person so I try to always find a silver lining. Lately though, life has really been pushing the limits so I have been trying to find good ways to cheer up at the end of the day.

1. Pray and meditate.

This has to come first because this is usually the very first thing I do. Lay down my burdens and try to get some relief. Sometimes quiet time allows the ability to reflect and work through my thoughts which assists in finding that silver lining.

2. Spend time with my daughter.

She is my ultimate sidekick. We bounce ideas off each other. Laugh at funny jokes. Share our thoughts. Sing musicals LOUDLY. She just brings me back to the bright side of life

3. Perform!

Speaking of singing, I love to belt out my favorite tunes. I pick something that makes me happy (usually a musical or Disney song) and put on a full Broadway level performance! Such a major stress reliever and great way to cheer up.

4. Watch a favorite show/movie for comfort.

I’ve read somewhere that people like to rewatch movies and shows they’ve already seen because they know the outcome and the predictability gives a sense of control and calm. I can totally see that! I usually break out a favorite Disney movie, Friends, or The Office and just binge away.

5. My favorite food or snack.

I’m a bit careful with this one now so I don’t use food for comfort too much. I talked a bit about that issue here but once in a blue moon, a favorite meal or snack can really add a little joy into a glum day.

6. Pin to Pinterest.

Sometimes a great way to decompress is to head over to Pinterest, make a board about something you love, and just pin a bunch of crap on it!  Recipes, DIYs, style posts, Disney stuff, puppies… the options are endless. It always cheers me up find lots of stuff I love.

7. Self care.

A long hot shower (or bath) is my favorite form of self care but face masks, foot soaks, aromatherapy and many more are all good ways to add some calm to the end of your day. It gets your body ready for a good night’s sleep which is important for starting a new day.

8. Cuddle my dogs.

They are the best for hugs and nuzzles and they love love. My dogs tend to sense my moods and follow me around when I’m sad or anxious. I either get down on the floor and hug them or lay down and the cuddle up with me in the covers. Puppy love really is the best medicine.

How have you been doing? If you’ve been having some bad days lately, try giving some of these tips a try to cheer up!!