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Doctor Who Companions: Fav to Least Fav

I’m a Whovian but I have a confession. I tried watching Doctor Who long before i actually learned to love it and that first episode (of the new series) with #9 and the mannequins… 😑😑😑 I was like, I’m not watching this trash. Then my friend, Emily, said I HAD to give a real try and just push through the first few episodes and I’m glad I did. Falling in love with the show and all the many creative and colorful characters came quickly.

My favorite Doctor is #10. David Tennant IS the Doctor for me. But let’s talk about favorite companions shall we. Here they are, ranked least fav to most.


Lord help me, I can’t stand her. I don’t even know why. Maybe it was all the hype behind her and being The Impossible Girl. Maybe it was just the fact that I feel like she was there so long but let’s just say, when she had to face the raven it wasn’t the saddest episode I’ve seen 🤭


My first run through the show Rose was my favorite companion. We all make mistakes. I loved the love story with her and #10 and thought it was so sad when they said their goodbyes on Bad Wolf Bay. Then the more I ran through the series I started seeing how selfish Rose was and how obsessive. She never listened and she was trash to her Mum and Mickey. Really moved her down to the bottom of this list. Maybe she should be below Clara …but nah, Clara just annoys me.


I actually really liked Bill! It’s just that I liked others more. I feel like Bill had a crazy short run and that the episodes didn’t do her character as much justice as they could have. I’ve only watched that season once and I’m definitely still thoroughly confused by some of it. I wish Bill had gotten a second season though because she was pretty awesome!


Well really Amy and Rory because Rory made Amy more likeable. I liked the team that was going on when Amy and Rory were traveling with the Doctor and I’m just gonna throw River right on up in there with them because she ranks similarly. Amy of course has her aggy moments but overall I enjoyed the confusion as heck story lines with the Amy/Rory/River run.


I feel like Martha may be a bit underrated but she did a lot for the Doctor. She saved him many times and she was always looked over for Rose 🙄 Martha also had some of my favorite episodes including my favorite episode of all times, Blink. She was a really top notch companion in my opinion!


My all time fav. I loved the friendship between she and the Doctor. I really thought I was gonna dislike Donna after the wedding episode and I was severely disappointed when she came back after Martha left but that changed quickly. Her spunk and her empathy were perfect and I was so sad at how her story ended. She is hands down my favorite companion.


Another confession, I’ve only seen two episodes with #13, so I’m not equipped to rate her companions but it’s hard enough to get through the episodes so…


Who’s your favorite companion? …and for that matter who is your favorite doctor??