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Disney Snacks I Can’t Believe I Haven’t Tried

Because I don’t live near the parks every time I go I try to cover all my favorite things …the only problem with this is it doesn’t always leave time to try different things including different treats and snacks. The plan is to change that whenever I can visit again. Here are some of the treats I wanna try that I have never tried before.


I have definitely had a churro before but never at Disney! I love the cinnamon donutiness of churros and I am sure that Disney’s wouldn’t disappoint. There are so many different versions of churros at Disney and I’ve just gotta try one!

Mickey Pretzel

Just like churros, I have most definitely had a pretzel before but there is something so special about eating a Mickey shaped treat that changes the whole experience of the food.

Mickey Beignets

I’ve been wanting to try a beignet every since Tiana made her famous man-catching beignets. They looks so light and covered in powdered sugar. So yum! Can I just add that I hope Tiana’s Place shows up at Disney some time soon?

Beaches & Cream Specialty Shake

These are the most adorable little shakes with their Oreo Mickey ears. I think I might keep it simple and go with vanilla and let all the toppings do the shining.

Anything from Les Halles Boulangerie

I’ve had snacks and sandwiches from here before but there are so many things in the cases to try. I love French food (and since I won’t be getting back to my beloved Paris any time soon) this is a great place to try all kinds of French pastries and deliciousness.

Dole Whip

I saved this one for last so I could put off you guys shaming me but I have never had a dole whip at Disney! I’ve made it at home and it didn’t come out quite the same so I definitely want to try this. I have avoided it because I have developed a pineapple allergy but I can handle one bite!


What other Disney treats would you recommend? Which is your favorite?