Come along on a magical journey

Keto Saga and The Keys to Accountability

I don’t have the best relationship with food.  I have spoken about  my struggle with my weight previously.

You see the thing is…

I love food.

I love trying new foods. I like going out to restaurants. I have a culinary arts degree and food is just my great love!

Mickey food

…and that would be fine but the problem is I have no stopping sense.  If I want something, I eat it and honestly, it gives me great joy. Until I’ve gone too far.

The last time I lost weight on the keto diet, I did great. I always do great in the beginning. You know how they say if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit?  Yeah. Not me.  I was on the keto diet for 5-6 months strong.  Doing wonderfully.  Then I binged …and I binged …and I binged because I found happiness in getting back the foods I missed.  So much so that I didn’t want to let go of that happiness again and equating food to happiness in an unhealthy becomes a problem.  So I started going back and forth on the diet until I started getting sick and had to stop.

(You can watch some videos about my journey on my Youtube channel.)

That was a year and a half ago.

It’s taken that long and almost 50lbs extra to get back to a place where I want to try again.  This is where all of you come in!!

Congratulations, you are my new accountability partners!!!

I have started the keto diet again (because it is the thing that has worked the best for me and it makes me feel great) and you guys have to keep me on track. I think the best way to do anything is to have someone there who keeps you motivated and disciplined.  Therefore I will be posting this journey in my Instagram stories so you can all come on board.  I thought about sharing tips and tricks that I have read about online if anyone else has gone through this struggle, but man, I don’t know what works.  So instead, I am asking you.

What tips and tricks do you have to hold yourself accountable?

Have you read any good books to help with discipline and/or weight loss/healthy lifestyles?

What healthy lifestyles do you follow that you love, food or otherwise?