Come along on a magical journey

Make it a Disney Day!

Disney day

I know the parks are starting to reopen but for a lot of us being able to be at the parks right now is sadly unrealistic. So I always try to find ways to add a little bit of Disney magic to my day.  Here are some of my favorite ways to make my day magical!

1. Watch a favorite Disney film! Nothing like a story that ends happy to add some happiness to your day. Especially if you choose a movie that adds some fun nostalgia to your day. Movies always help me escape and a Disney movie with great songs and stories is just the bit of whimsy I need. Gotta love having Disney+ to give us so many great options.

2. Disney car singalongs! I sit in the car, open up Pandora to my children’s Disney station and sing as loud as possible. It doesn’t just add magic to my day but is also a great picker upper and joy bringer. Pick your favorite song and go for it!

3. Disney dining! It’s amazing that you can buy Mickey waffles and that makes it easy to start your day Disney. I also love to make Mickey pancakes! Either the way my mom did it by free-handing circle pours or with a stencil/cutter, there is just something about Mickey shaped food. You can also choose a meal from one of your favorite Disney restaurants and try to recreate it!

4. Dress up! Whether you’re simply wearing a character shirt, or Disneybounding, or going full out cosplay, dressing to include one of your favorite character adds a little something special to your day and can pass joy onto someone else too! Win-win!

5. Get crafty! Have some free time? Hop on Pinterest and find your favorite Disney craft or use your imagination to come up with a new one! The possibilities are endless. If you have kids, this is also a fun way to spend time with them and add some Disney to their day too!


Are you missing the parks too?  What are some of your favorite ways to add Disney magic into your everyday?