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The Musicals that Made Me

I grew up on musicals. My mom loves them and so we always watched them together.  I remember performing the songs in the kitchen with her and her singing songs to us as lullabies at night. We had very specific favorites we watched all time. Check out these favs and tell me if any of them were yours!

My Fair Lady

This is the movie that made me fall in love with Audrey Hepburn. Even at a young age, I enjoyed the rough humor of Henry Higgins and the fun-loving Eliza Doolittle. We would sing the Rain in Spain together all the time and I quickly learned and loved the lyrics to Loverly and I Could’ve Dance All Night. I’m high school when I had to read Pygmalion, I love knowing the story comparison. This soundtrack still gets played pretty regularly.

Funny Girl

My mom is a Barbra Streisand fan so I’m surprised I didn’t grow up on even more of her movies (although I’ve seen many). Funny Girl though (and later Funny Lady) were watched pretty regularly in my home. If I remember correctly they even got played on the Disney channel at night. People was one of mom’s favorite songs back then. My favorite was always Don’t Rain on my Parade.

Peter Pan with Mary Martin

I remember we had an old VHS that my mom had gotten from a friend who recorded it when it aired on tv. We watched it constantly and as the years passed, I loved watching all the old commercials that aired in between. This one is super sentimental to me because my mom used to sing us Distant Melody to go to sleep at night. Then when my baby was born I sang her Tender Shepherd anytime I put her to sleep. It is such a comfort song to both of us now. The most fun part of this movie was singing I’ve Gotta Crow. Me and my mom would sing the song and crow together all the time. In fact, we just did it again pretty recently.

The Wiz

Of course!! Michael Jackson singing You Can’t Win is my absolute favorite. We also love Home. Tell me I’m not the only one who still gets creeped out by the subway scene though. Those growing… I don’t know what they are… make me so uncomfortable! That aside, lol, this is still one of my very favorite movies.

Pinocchio with Sandy Duncan

This is RARE and I will be very surprised if anyone has seen this but I loved it. I used to put on my roller skates and skate around my bedroom singing the songs. In a book about my childhood I wrote, I Like It as my favorite song and I still sing that song as my “audition” song to this day. If you’ve never seen it, you can find it here on YouTube. It’s one the lesser known but really cute musicals.

and lastly…

Mary Poppins

You know there had to be a Disney one in here somewhere. Mary Poppins is one of my beloved Disney movies. It’s in my top 5. The songs make me so happy and I laugh EVERY TIME Uncle Albert is stuck on that ceiling. Julie Andrews is lovely and I adore Dick Van Dyke. An ultra classic that lives near and dear to my heart.

Are you a musical lover? Which musicals are near and dear to your heart?